Hamilton Beach Food Processor Reviews

A Brief History of Hamilton Beach

In 1904 Louis Hamilton and Chester Beach began working together at an electric works company in Wisconsin. The two men left the company in 1910 to start their own business along with Frederick Osius. Mr. Osius wasn’t very fond of his name, so the three decided to go with the name we are all familiar with today: Hamilton Beach.


The next 100 years saw a myriad of home appliances produced by the company. They have stayed relevant in today’s marketplace by offering quality products that are also budget-friendly.

Best Selling Hamilton Beach Food Processors

There are two top-selling models available today. The first is a full size 10 cup food processor that costs just under $50. It has a 525 watt direct driven motor. The second is a compact size 6 cup food processor that will cost you about $35. That model has a 300-watt belt-driven motor. What’s the difference? A direct driven model has the work bowl positioned directly above the motor. A belt-driven has the motor on the side connected by a belt. The direct drive offers a much more efficient transfer of energy, which results in more usable power per watt.

What the Reviews Say

A good way to decide if any product is right for you is by reading reviews written by people who have already used it. A food processor is no exception. So what do the reviews say about Hamilton Beach? About 90% of them are very favorable, which is quite impressive at such a low price. Most reviews paint a picture of a capable machine that cuts down on prep time in the kitchen. It is referred to as a workhorse and powerhouse. It can do almost everything you expect a food processor to do.

There are a few negative reviews. Many stem from unrealistic expectations. This is not the best food processor you can buy, that would cost a lot more. It is, however, the best you will find under $50. If you buy it with that in mind, you are not likely to be disappointed.

Which is the Best Value?

The more expensive model will definitely give you more bang for your buck. Although you can get the cheaper version for 30% less, you will certainly not get the same use out of a compact as you will from a full size. The more efficient model will not only provide more power, but it will also waste less electricity.

Where to Find More Information

The best way to find truthful, unbiased information about a product is through the use of consumer reviews. Real people who have used the product can give you an honest insight into the pros and cons. Check out a detailed Food Processor


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